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Suggestion to discuss pedophilia, what it is, what it isn’t, and why it could possibly exist.

To be clear, it is not to my knowledge that anyone here endorses pedophilia, or has engaged in such behaviour. From what I believe, we all share firm knowlege of why pedophilia is troublesome (it stunts the growth from child to adult). The desire of this suggestion is to discuss such concerns, and exercise our positions on it. As a dragon cannot be be tamed, if its nature is not understood.

Example Questions:

  • What of cultures which do not have firm age of consent laws?
  • What of demopgrahics that groom children?
  • What of historical cultures where such was a way of life? (Sparta)
  • What of cyber sex?
  • What of role playing?
  • What of adults that look like children?
  • What of relationships with fictional characters?
  • What of relationships with AI?
2 years ago