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Suggestion to discuss rape, what it is, what it isn’t, and why it could possibly exist.

To be clear, it is not to my knowledge that anyone here endorses rape, or has engaged in such behaviour. From what I believe, we all share firm knowlege of why rape is troublesome (it is directly against the liberty of another). The desire of this suggestion is to discuss such concerns, and exercise our positions on it. As a dragon cannot be be tamed, if its nature is not understood.

Example Questions:

  • What of female to male rape? Which is generally obtained through psychological dominance over physical dominance. (Rape of Shia Lebouf).
  • What of female to male statuory rape? and its lower sentences?
  • What of female assistance with serial male rapists? (Phil Bernado and his Wife).
  • What of rape in war? And its (dis)advantages? (Genghis Khan).

Recommend Reading:

4 years ago

Interesting topic! I have to recommend the book A Natural History of Rape by Randy Thornhill and Craig Palmer (I know I mention this book all the time). The first three or four chapters are the most relevant. I can think of many interesting angles.

4 years ago

Great! I’ve added the book as the recommended reading for this session. We definitely want to be going into these sessions more knowledgable than speculative!

4 years ago

Turns out we scheduled this at however it was postponed

3 years ago